You just can't beat our hosting services!

Our Standard web server package provides you with 500 Meg of storage, unlimited e-mail addresses, e-mail forwarding to an existing e-mail address, 10 gigabytes monthly transfer, and provides for FrontPage 2000/2002 extensions. The Enhanced server package increases the storage to 1,000 Meg, provides unlimited e-mail addresses, e-mail forwarding, 20 Gigabytes monthly transfer, and provides for FrontPage 2000/2002/2003 extensions, your own custom CGI scripts, and Secure Socket Layering (SSL) connections.  Of course, the storage capacity of either server package can be increased if needed.



Storage Space 50 Gig 100 Gig
E-mail Addresses Unlimited Unlimited
E-mail Forwarding
Monthly Transfer 50 Gig 100 Gig
FrontPage Extensions
Custom CGI Scripts No (requires approval)
My SQL DB1020
Annual Fee $225 $325

Why is it so cheap?

To be honest, we usually ask "why is everyone else so expensive"?  For one thing, we don't sell you 1,000 Gig of storage if you only need 100 Gig.  We don't pay more for increased usage, site accesses, bytes transferred, etc.  Why should you?

Some restrictions apply.  Contact us for details.